Shout out to Harriet for providing me with that pun.


We are on Day 4 of lockdown in the UK. I have been self isolating/social distancing for 12 days, and frankly I’m close to insanity.

Only close at this point.


ANYWAY. One of the ways I’ve been passing the time is getting back to my old passion that is baking. Cooking too, but I’ve really started to revisit baking. And not to sound big headed, but it was a pretty genius move.


For one it’s genius because the supermarkets don’t have much in the form of bread and pasta at the moment – thank you stockpilers. But *spoiler alert* you can make them at home!!! And they taste so much better.

(I know pasta isn’t baking, but you get what I’m saying).

So instead of lining up at the supermarkets to fight with Judith from next door over the last bag of pasta – just make your own at home.


If that’s not reason enough to get your baking socks on, I’m gonna give you a few more reasons.


  • You can eat it, DUH

The most obvious of all the reasons, anything you make you get to eat. Fairly self explanatory really


  • Your friends/family

An extension of the above, if you’re currently in lockdown with others THEY will love you. Although you might not live them if they eat all your baked goods before you get to.
Some discussions should probably be had to avoid that one.


  • It’s rewarding

There is NOTHING better than trying a new baked good and absolutely nailing it. Or if you’ve trying to improve on a recipe you’ve never been *quite* able to pull off. It’s SO SATISFYING.
(Plus they’re edible rewards)


  • It’s like therapy

Not actual therapy, but close.

If you have a tendency to be a tad methodical like myself, you may have just found your new hobby. You can just blip through a recipe, step by step (because in case you didn’t know, that’s how recipes work), seeing it all unfold in front of your eyes and turn into something amazing.

I find it can be uber relaxing (sometimes stressful, but more often than not relaxing) and is a great way to fully focus your mind on something else. Whether it be work, or if you’re feeling a little anxious – it’s a great distraction.


  • Constant inspiration

You will NEVER run out of recipes to try. It’s not like binge-watching TV shows, finishing them and then not really knowing what to do with yourself.

You quite literally have a never ending supply of ideas to try. And even when you think you’ve done that, try making them all vegan. That will keep you occupied for awhile (speaking from experience).


And finally…

  • You get to eat it, DUH.

Sorry, I just really had to bring that one home. Obvious, but not one to forget.


I’ve been trying all sorts, and hopefully I’ll share some of my faves soon. I’ve actually also started a mini cooking show on my Instagram so feel free to tune into that too.

For now it’s good bye because I’ve just made brownies and they need to be eaten 🙂


Stay safe & stay indoors!